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A Few Of Our Many Special Events and Fundraisers

Selling Bear Hugs

Bridging People and Places volunteers sell over 200 Bear Hugs each year as one of our major fundraisers.  Bears are sold by individuals, groups, corporations and a wide variety of community organizations.

Purchasing a Bear Hug helps us fund our programs which send messages of caring and support to abused and neglected children, individuals with serious and life-threatening illnesses, women with breast cancer and children who have lost a loved one.

An order form for purchasing "Bear Hugs" is available from this Web site. 

An order form can also be obtained by contacting


Esperance Chiropractic

We appreciate Dr. David Ionta and his wife Kim's continued support.  They have held three annual fundraiser at their business, Esperance Chiropractic in Esperance, NY.  They raised over $1,000 each year with three fundraising approaches:
bulletA Christmas letter to his clients brought in many individual donations.
bulletThe sale of "Bear Hugs" in Dr. Ionta's office raised several hundred dollars.

The day of their holiday party in the Esperance Chiropractic offices, Dr. Ionta donated $5 for each client seen that day.


 David & Kim Ionta

Ice Cream Man, Greenwich, NY

Julia Reynolds, owner of The Ice Cream Man in Greenwich, NY, has teamed with Bridging People and Places in her "Free Ice Cream Cones For Charity" for a number of years.  Santa Claus, along with a Christmas Tree Garden Train Display, and free ice cream cones make the December day most enjoyable.  While ice cream cones are free, donations for the Bridging People and Places "Bear Hugs" Project are requested.  Julia also sells our bears throughout the year.

Cambridge Country Clovers 4-H Club Service Projects

Amy Braun's 4-H club raised $825 for the bear project at Double H and visited Double H while campers were there.  Their fundraising project was displayed at the Washington County Fair and received a blue ribbon.  The following year, the same group of children sold 56 Bears as their service project.

In the words of Amy Braun, "I tell the kids that it is very important to realize the value of volunteering and giving to others. Once they realize this, it is important to take the next step and actually take the time to give of ourselves to others."

Cub Scout Bottle Drive

Cub Scout Pack 95 in Connecticut participated in the bear project at Double "H" for three consecutive years raising a total of over $3,000.  Their most recent "Bottle Drive" raised $425 for Bridging People and Places, the results of collecting 8,500 bottles.  The Cub Scouts have toured Double H while camp has been in session to experience the rewards of their efforts.


Galway Walk-A-Thon Raises $900

Marilyn McIntosh has hosted a walk-a-thon with the confirmation class at St. Mary's Church in Galway.  The youth group, with guidance, suggestions, and moral support from their instructors, planned a Walk-A-Thon. Twenty-two enthusiastic participants each walked 5 miles.  The youth group raised $900 through the event and designated the money toward the Bridging People and Places program at Double H Ranch.  Barbara Waterman said, "The Walk-A-Thon went very well.  Everyone was so eager to help and give time, energy and money.  I'm no stranger to the amount of personal reward in giving backů or as the movie states, "paying it forward."

Ski-A-Thon at Willard Mountain

Two Ski-A-Thons, in memory of Dave Vanderzee, founder of Willard Mountain Ski Area, raised $17,000 for the Scholarship Fund for alumni campers at Double H.  Participants skied five runs at any ski area anytime during the ski season.

Businesses and Organizations Sell Our "Bear Hugs"

A number of individuals and businesses have sold our bears as a fundraiser for Bridging People and Places.  Often an individual, or employee organization, within a corporation will host a one day event to sell our "bear Hugs."